Total Prep Package (Not currently offered)

Total Prep Package Course Overview The customized Total Prep Package is recommended for students with unusual or heavy work schedules and students with very specific academic needs. If you have already taken the GMAT, for example, this customized program will identify and address your weaknesses. If you need to improve only your verbal or math skills, this program will focus on those question types. The curriculum and schedule will be totally customized to meet your specific academic and scheduling needs. Tutoring Times and Locations

Cost: $3,450:  Only a $400  deposit is required to schedule the first two hour session.

Package Includes:

  1. Initial Two-Hour Diagnostic.
  2. 12 total hours of private tutoring with The GMAT Guru.
  3. Customized study plan based on ongoing diagnostic results.
  4. The GMAT Guru Guide
  5. Exams and practice sets as needed
  6. Remote tutoring option

Advantages of The GMAT Guru Total Package:

  1. Most Qualified Course Instructor in San Francisco Learn More
  2. Total Scheduling Flexibility Learn More
  3. Superior Materials Learn More