Terms, Conditions, and Privacy

Privacy Policy:

All information provided by you will remain strictly confidential and will never be sold or given to any other third party unless ordered by a court of law.

Payment Terms:

  • San Francisco, CA:

When you reserve your first two hour “initial diagnostic” session, you will make a $400 deposit towards your $3,450 (Total Prep) tuition. This payment covers the cost of two hours of private tutoring. If, after your initial session, you decide to sign up for the remaining ten hours of the Total Prep Package, you will owe only the $3,450 balance. If you decide not to continue with tutoring, you will only be charged the $400 deposit. The $3,050 balance for the GMAT Guru Total Prep Package will be due when you reserve your second appointment with the GMAT Guru. Most students reserve this second session and make this balance payment at the end of their first tutoring session when they are able to finalize a schedule with the GMAT Guru.

  • Remote/Online students:

The initial diagnostic costs $400. If, as a remote student, you decide to continue the course, you will owe $3,000 balance of the $3,400 tuition for ten additional hours of tutoring. Remote students pay a total of $50 less than local students in tuition because they don’t receive the physical books that local students receive.

  • Customer Service:

Please direct all inquiries to The GMAT Guru:

E-mail: TheGMATGuru@yahoo.com
Phone: 415-690-0348