Most other test prep companies are either too big or too proud to use anything but their own materials. This is a huge mistake. No single company has developed materials suitable for all question types and all ability levels. The GMAT Guru started his career teaching for two of his major competitors (Kaplan and Veritas prep) and has read virtually every GMAT Prep book on the market. He has selected only the best materials for his students.


For verbal question types, The GMAT Guru relies exclusively on previously administered GMAT and LSAT questions. The GMAT Guru has scored 99th percentile on every official GMAT test he has ever taken. As an expert in what “real” verbal questions and answers look like, he has yet to find a test prep company that provides accurate “fake” questions and refuses to use Kaplan and Princeton Review verbal questions for this reason.

  • MATH:
    Because of the adaptive nature of the test, Math questions on the GMAT can vary dramatically based on the ability level of the student. For this reason, The GMAT Guru provides materials tailored to your ability level. In addition to the real math GMAT questions from the Official Guide and paper GMAT tests, each student will be directed, as needed, to over 500 pages of math review materials ranging from basic algebra to complex probability.
    Each student receives The GMAT Guru Guide, over 200 pages of proprietary GMAT Guru strategies and worksheets. These materials, developed by the GMAT Guru himself, outline specific step by step methods for each major question type and form the core teaching documents for the lectures. These proprietary materials were developed to address the important areas missed by the other major test prep companies.
  • CAT tests:
    All GMAT Guru students will take at least Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs). Since new CAT software is often introduced into the market, the GMAT Guru is always on the lookout for the best CATs available.
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